thank you - I have been on a quest to find the truth and found your site. Thank you

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This is exciting, Gary.

I've suspected there had to be humor in the Bible, but have seen VERY few examples that might be efforts at humor.

Four sources that I use to get an accurate understanding of the scriptures are

"The Eonian Life Bible NT" by Christopher Sparks

"The Source NT" by Dr. A. Nyland

"The NT" by Jonathan Mitchell

Holy Bible, Modern Literal Version (MLV) "The World's Most Accurate English Translation"

If you're familiar with any of them, I'd like your opinions on their value - strengths and weaknesses.

I'm looking forward to reading your articles.

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Thank you for your interest. Not familiar with any of these books, but you can check any of them against the actual Greek at Christswords.com. Pick a verse (Verses before Chapter 21 in Matthew are most complete) of Jesus's words, go to that article at Christ's words. You can see the Greek words parsed, and my comparisons with KJV and NIV. Compare with any of these, it should tell you have accurate they are.

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